First doctor’s appointment of the year

I went to the doctor today and we had a chat about plans for 2018. First of all, I needed a paper that will allow my assistant to come with me different places for free, like the spa, the gym and the cinema. That’ll make it possible for me to do more fun stuff! That will ensure a better quality of life. A good way to spend some spoons.

Secondly, both my doctor and I are hoping I’ll be able to cut back on my pain meds this year. For that to be at all possible, I’ll need to get a lot more fit than now. I know from experience that training like yoga, spinning, hiking and weights work well for me. This time I won’t muck it up by thinking I’m well enough to work when I feel better though. My doctor will see to that.

The pain meds I’m taking are not ideal, but of all the meds I’ve tried over the years they are the best for me. They can cause dependency though, and I’m already on a high dosage after 5 years use. Drowsiness is also a known side-effect, and with my fatigue I don’t really need to add more tiredness.

We’re moving forward with baby steps. For now, 5 minutes of yoga a day (at home) is my training. I find that very frustrating, but I’m looking forward to being able to do more.