My must haves for bedrest

When pain and fatigue forces me to some (usually overdue) bedrest, there’s a few things I have to have close by.


What would I even do without hours and hours of reading? I prefer reading British crime series. Reading a series helps me stay focused because I don’t have to get to know all new characters and environments when I finish a book and move on to the next.

Heat blanket

Yeah, I live in Norway, so that goes without saying really.


I always keep a big glass of water next to my bed. Hydration is important! Usually I prefer a little lemon in my water.


You know, pain meds, supplements, antidepressants, and so on. The whole pharmacy really.


Must have tea!


I’m blessed with a house full of cats since I’m owned by five and foster even more. Some of them like to stay in bed with me, some of them just entertain me with their playfulness in my room.  I never feel lonely!

Adjustable bed

This is the biggest and cleverest investment I’ve been able to do lately. I had a refund from waiting months and months on my sick-pay, and I used some of it on my electrically adjustadble bed. It’s a cheap model, but it really helps that I can lay down and sit in different positions without having to use a million pillows and never getting it right.

Do you have some must haves for bedrest? Drop me a comment or create your own post. Be sure to ping me so I can read it!