Chronic illness

My must haves for bedrest

When pain and fatigue forces me to some (usually overdue) bedrest, there’s a few things I have to have close by.


What would I even do without hours and hours of reading? I prefer reading British crime series. Reading a series helps me stay focused because I don’t have to get to know all new characters and environments when I finish a book and move on to the next.

Heat blanket

Yeah, I live in Norway, so that goes without saying really.


I always keep a big glass of water next to my bed. Hydration is important! Usually I prefer a little lemon in my water.


You know, pain meds, supplements, antidepressants, and so on. The whole pharmacy really.


Must have tea!


I’m blessed with a house full of cats since I’m owned by five and foster even more. Some of them like to stay in bed with me, some of them just entertain me with their playfulness in my room.  I never feel lonely!

Adjustable bed

This is the biggest and cleverest investment I’ve been able to do lately. I had a refund from waiting months and months on my sick-pay, and I used some of it on my electrically adjustadble bed. It’s a cheap model, but it really helps that I can lay down and sit in different positions without having to use a million pillows and never getting it right.

Do you have some must haves for bedrest? Drop me a comment or create your own post. Be sure to ping me so I can read it!

Chronic illness

3 favorite blog posts this week

For the longest time I didn’t have the brain to read blog posts unless they were super short. Since the fog has lifted a little, I can finally read longer posts on-screen. These are my favorite reads this week:


Thinking the worst – and willingness to do things despite pain

This is a great post on a study of pain acceptance and pain catastrophising. I think it’s really interesting to know the mechanics behind different approaches to pain. I know there’s so many things to factor in, but this post has a couple of answers.

My question now is – what helps someone to be willing to do things even when their pain is high?

Counting My Spoons

Are you happy? Or just complacent?

Reading this post really made me think. I’m not going to say more about it. Just read.

Looking back it started just about exactly a year ago as I began to really think about happiness and what it means to me.

A Chronic Voice

4 Cool Truths My Partner Said (Unwittingly)

Another thinker for me, and very relatable (except for the partner part…)

Have you ever had that lightning bolt moment where an offhand statement made by someone else knocked you off your feet?

Chronic illness

Fatigue management

We always hear about pain management, but not so much on how to manage fatigue. As I wrote earlier this year, my fatigue levels are falling, and I’m not really sure why. I still take vitamin D, and I have added BCAA to my supplements. A couple of preliminary studies have shown that BCAA can be helpful for fibromyalgia patients, and I decided to give it a try. I think it does help quite a bit, although it’s not a miracle cure. It just lifts some of the fog and helps me do a litte more during the day.

Another thing that obviously helps at this time of year is that I wake up from daylight through my window. The winter is really dark here in Norway. The hours of daylight are spreading now, both in the AM and PM. I’m sure that’s a very good thing for my inner clock.

I’ve been trying to be more active without overdoing it. I take walks with my dog twice a week instead of once, and I manage to do some chores, too. I can also sit by the computer in the kitchen, not just in my bedroom in the dark. I do need to pace myself still, but most days I don’t need a nap. Just some downtime in bed with my book. That’s huge progress for me, as I needed a 3 hour nap daily just a few months ago.

I would recommend my fellow fibromyalgia warriors to try out BCAA. If it doesn’t work for you, you can just stop. Vitamin D is of course essential, especially for those who get little daylight.

Spending spoons

Days fly by

Wow, it’s been a month since my last blog post. It feels like no time has past. Every day is just about managing pain, fatigue and life. I have felt better the past 2 weeks, less fatigue anyway, but I’ve spent my spoons on getting things done in the house. I feel good about that. Seeing improvement in my home really helps. This is, afterall, where I spend all my time.

What have I been up to?

First of all, with a little help from other volunteers at the rescue I’ve finally finished the catio downstairs. I now have room for 4 rescue cats outside. This area is reserved for adult cats who have been outside for a long time, and who needs a stop-over until we have a suitable fosterhome ready for them.

Talking about adult cats, I have a new foster. His name is Robinson, and he’s lived under a veranda for years. He’s about 3-4 years old, and from the way he’s acting I’m sure he’s had a home early on. The plan was for him to be the first resident at the catio, but with his sweet and anxious demeanor we decided it’s better for him to stay inside with me to be tamed. He spends his days in my bed with me. He is still very anxious, but he feels safe when laying next to me. Oh, and he loves belly rubs!

I’ve also been talking to a meeting to decide if I should have someone to talk to about my mental health. Turns out that I should, which is no news to me. I had to fill out these depression and anxiety forms, which I’ve done many times before. I scored high on anxiety and moderate on depression, as I knew I would. That means I’ll have someone to talk to every other week. Not exactly therapy, but at least I’ll have to start dealing with the stuff I’ve buried under food and fat.

Other stuff I’ve done

  • Been to the movies with two of my friends (first time since 2016)
  • Bought plants (and already killed 3/4)
  • Read a lot of books
  • Spent some time in Tamriel
  • Walked the dog a couple of times

And, you know, rested.


Thoughts and dreams

You behind the illness tag

Tripping Through Treacle started this tag a few days ago, and I think it’s a great way to get to know other spoonie bloggers.

Four places I’ve lived

Oslo, Norway
Ierapetra, Crete
Vacaville, California
Moelv, Norway

Four places I’ve worked

In my grandparents’ restaurant as a waiter
In an IT company as a cafeteria manager
In a non-profit literature organization as a secretary
In a gym as a personal trainer and fitness instructor

Four favourite hobbies

Reading (mostly British crime atm)
Gaming (mostly Elder Scrolls Online atm)
Fostering homeless cats and kittens
Walking my dog

Four things I like to watch

Kittens playing!
The birds in the yard
Animal rescue shows
Pictures of nature

Four things I like to read

British crime
Fantasy/urban fantasy
Atlas Obscura
Long articles I can learn from

Four places I have been

Montreal, Quebec
Rome, Italy
San Francisco, California
Alexandria, Egypt

Four things I love to eat

All sorts of cheese
Italian food

Four favourite things to drink


Four places I want to visit

The north of Norway

Bloggers I’d like to tag:

I don’t know that many yet, and from what I gather they’re all tagged already. If you’ve read this and haven’t been tagged, consider yourself tagged now!

Chronic illness

January recap: Things are looking up

January has been the usual rollercoaster of good and bad days, but on the whole I do think things are looking up. I keep a diary of sorts on Google Keep to remember what I’ve done during the day. That way I can check back and see what I’ve been able to do when I’m stuck in bed and feel like I’ve done nothing.

Although I’ve had some extremely bad days, I’ve also been able to

  • Walk the dog once a week
  • Use the snowblower in the yard twice
  • Go shopping with my friends two times
  • Have friends and family over four times
  • Publish 9 blog posts

I’m especially happy about being able to walk the dog again. We don’t go fast or far, but we go!