Spending spoons

5 things that made me happy in March

Looking back through the brain fog can be a pleasure. Here’s a few things that made me happy in March!

1. Sunshine!

2. (Re-) Discovering music

I haven’t been able to listen to much music the past year because of sensory overload, but I’m better now!

3. Going back to the gym!

I had to stop going to the gym for a few months, and even though that might sound great to some, it was heartbreaking for me.

Follow the link if you’re interested in weight lifting for women and generally awesome advice from Nia Shanks. (Not an ad, just my recommendation.)

4. Getting the first foster residents at the catio!

My catio is set up for fostering cats that are used to being outside all the time. The two boys in the picture are very uncomfortable inside, and prefer staying outside together. (The guy in the back is still convinced I’m going to eat him…)

5. Spending more time with friends!

Having a fika, taking walks, and going to the spa and getting a back massage!
The picture is of my dog, Yuki, and my friends’ dog Tikaani. They’re both Alaskan husky.

Spending spoons

Days fly by

Wow, it’s been a month since my last blog post. It feels like no time has past. Every day is just about managing pain, fatigue and life. I have felt better the past 2 weeks, less fatigue anyway, but I’ve spent my spoons on getting things done in the house. I feel good about that. Seeing improvement in my home really helps. This is, afterall, where I spend all my time.

What have I been up to?

First of all, with a little help from other volunteers at the rescue I’ve finally finished the catio downstairs. I now have room for 4 rescue cats outside. This area is reserved for adult cats who have been outside for a long time, and who needs a stop-over until we have a suitable fosterhome ready for them.

Talking about adult cats, I have a new foster. His name is Robinson, and he’s lived under a veranda for years. He’s about 3-4 years old, and from the way he’s acting I’m sure he’s had a home early on. The plan was for him to be the first resident at the catio, but with his sweet and anxious demeanor we decided it’s better for him to stay inside with me to be tamed. He spends his days in my bed with me. He is still very anxious, but he feels safe when laying next to me. Oh, and he loves belly rubs!

I’ve also been talking to a meeting to decide if I should have someone to talk to about my mental health. Turns out that I should, which is no news to me. I had to fill out these depression and anxiety forms, which I’ve done many times before. I scored high on anxiety and moderate on depression, as I knew I would. That means I’ll have someone to talk to every other week. Not exactly therapy, but at least I’ll have to start dealing with the stuff I’ve buried under food and fat.

Other stuff I’ve done

  • Been to the movies with two of my friends (first time since 2016)
  • Bought plants (and already killed 3/4)
  • Read a lot of books
  • Spent some time in Tamriel
  • Walked the dog a couple of times

And, you know, rested.


My moving body

Spending spoons outside on a Saturday

The past few days I’ve had pretty good mornings. Yesterday I spent my spoons walking Yuki, my 3,5 year old Alaskan husky, for 15 minutes. Today I managed to double the time and distance! I walk very slowly, and Yuki has a lot of messages to send and receive on the Yellow Snow Network. I’m just happy to be able to be outside for a while.

Yuki is a reluctant model. She’s more interested in the actual walking.