Spoonie gaming: The Hunting God

The Hunting God is a short first person walking simulator with a few easy tasks. You walk through landscapes as a wolf, while your friend, the hunting god Nodens narrates. It feels more like walking through an audiobook than playing a game, and it’s very relaxing.

I spent about one hour completing The Hunting God. It might feel boring to some, but it’s a good game for foggy days. On better days I’d try The Witness, another walking simulator with more challenging puzzles. That one is definitively not for foggy days, though.

My rig is on the lower side of the system requirements, which makes the graphics pretty poor. That did take away from my overall experience. Also, on foggy days it might be hard to keep up with the story, as there are long pauses between the narrated bits. All in all, I really enjoyed this game, though.

I’ve been a PC gamer since the 90s, when some clever guy introduced me to Quake. Of course, I started out with NES in the 80s, playing against my brother (since it was his machine). Over the years I’ve played on PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360, too.