You behind the illness tag

Tripping Through Treacle started this tag a few days ago, and I think it’s a great way to get to know other spoonie bloggers.

Four places I’ve lived

Oslo, Norway
Ierapetra, Crete
Vacaville, California
Moelv, Norway

Four places I’ve worked

In my grandparents’ restaurant as a waiter
In an IT company as a cafeteria manager
In a non-profit literature organization as a secretary
In a gym as a personal trainer and fitness instructor

Four favourite hobbies

Reading (mostly British crime atm)
Gaming (mostly Elder Scrolls Online atm)
Fostering homeless cats and kittens
Walking my dog

Four things I like to watch

Kittens playing!
The birds in the yard
Animal rescue shows
Pictures of nature

Four things I like to read

British crime
Fantasy/urban fantasy
Atlas Obscura
Long articles I can learn from

Four places I have been

Montreal, Quebec
Rome, Italy
San Francisco, California
Alexandria, Egypt

Four things I love to eat

All sorts of cheese
Italian food

Four favourite things to drink


Four places I want to visit

The north of Norway

Bloggers I’d like to tag:

I don’t know that many yet, and from what I gather they’re all tagged already. If you’ve read this and haven’t been tagged, consider yourself tagged now!