3 favorite blog posts this week

For the longest time I didn’t have the brain to read blog posts unless they were super short. Since the fog has lifted a little, I can finally read longer posts on-screen. These are my favorite reads this week:


Thinking the worst – and willingness to do things despite pain

This is a great post on a study of pain acceptance and pain catastrophising. I think it’s really interesting to know the mechanics behind different approaches to pain. I know there’s so many things to factor in, but this post has a couple of answers.

My question now is – what helps someone to be willing to do things even when their pain is high?

Counting My Spoons

Are you happy? Or just complacent?

Reading this post really made me think. I’m not going to say more about it. Just read.

Looking back it started just about exactly a year ago as I began to really think about happiness and what it means to me.

A Chronic Voice

4 Cool Truths My Partner Said (Unwittingly)

Another thinker for me, and very relatable (except for the partner part…)

Have you ever had that lightning bolt moment where an offhand statement made by someone else knocked you off your feet?