Plus size spoonie fashion problems

I just love browsing online fashion stores and make wish lists all over the net! If the store doesn’t have a wish list feature it’s not for me. I’ve realised that fashion shopping as a plus size spoonie has its own special problems, though. There’s so many things to consider!

Who would have thought clothes normal clothes could be painful?


Since my neck, shoulders and upper back is especially painful all the time, wearing a bra just sucks. I never wear it at home, and luckily (?) that’s where I spend most of my time. But sometimes I want to venture outside and not look like shit. When I’m shopping for bras I look for comfort, but I also want my boobies to look good. I probably don’t have to tell you, finding that combo is not easy!

In addition to the pain I have stomach problems, so any bra that puts pressure on my upper stomach is a no-go. Now, how to find a bra that looks good, but also ticks these other boxes? Needless to say, I don’t have many bras.


Shopping for tops depends on the bras. What can I wear with which bra? Also, what do I have to match the tops with? T-shirts in light materials are my favourites. Anything that doesn’t put extra pressure on painful areas. I can forget about hoodies for that reason alone. Blouses seem to not agree with my shape, or I have nothing to match.

I mostly go for dresses, because they don’t put pressure on my stomach and I don’t have to find a bottom to match. Except in winter, when I need wooly tights, and they have their own set of problems, mainly size-wise.


I tend not to buy (nice) pants. There’s the pressure problem, and then there’s the shape of my body problem. I prefer skirts if I don’t wear dresses. With both pants and skirts I’d need to have the right top and bra to match, and that’s just too difficult.


Oh, this is another problem. How to find shoes that goes well with nice clothes, but also don’t cause pain. So far, no luck, I must say.


I really wish the sizes were universal. You know, buying a 3XL in one shop should mean the same as in other shops and brands.

Guess what I end up with?

Staying home in PJs or light yoga wear. When I go outside I might wear my (loose) jeans, a t-shirt and trainers. And as soon as I get home I change back into my PJs. That doesn’t stop me from adding to my wish lists, though!