The Waiting Game

the waiting game

I feel like my life is on hold and has been for a long while now. During winter, I was waiting for summer. Summer used to be my ‘good season’ with less pain and fatigue. The past 2-3 years have not been like that, though. With the heatwave this year, you’d think I’d be in less pain at least. But no.

So what am I waiting for? Every day is just a waiting game. Waiting for the pills to work, waiting for a break in the fog, waiting for just that one extra spoon that’ll allow me to take a shower or do the dishes or take a short stroll.

Of course, the waiting isn’t helping in any way. It makes me feel like I’ll never get better. In fact, I’ve only gotten worse over the years, even though the experts say fibromyalgia is not progressive. Try telling my body that.

I have no solutions at the moment. Just unloading some frustration and anxiety about my life and my future.