The current catuation

I used to foster lots of cats. Since October 2016 until now I’ve fostered 68 cats and kittens, and I loved it! Unfortunately, fatigue got in the way last fall. I had to scale back, for myself and for the cats. The catuation in my house is now 2 fosters (Echo and Signe), my 4 cats (Kitty, Dylan, Sandra and Vipps)  cats and my son’s cat (Pusen). That’s seven adult cats in one house. No problem, as they all get along most of the time.

Sandra og Vipps i sofaen

This winter I lost my foster fail Dorian Gray to an aggressive virus. That was really a blow. He was only 2 years old, and he was my only cuddle bear. I had no intention of getting another cat after losing him, but then one of my previous fosters, Vipps, was acting very stressed and unhappy in her new foster home. I decided to take her back and adopt her. When she came home she was superhappy!

I had already had another foster fail earlier in the year, when Sandra came to me with her four (rather big) kittens in August (I think it was). As it happens, both Sandra and Vipps are all-black, tiny cats. They hit it right away, and they are now BFFs. Sandra has also had a calming effect on all the others. She’s very playful, and somehow her personality just clicks with both young and old, grumpy or happy.