Spending spoons

2 things that made me happy in April

April was a high pain, high fatigue month, but there are good things to remember.


Much to my surprise, one of my fosters had kittens under my bed. Watching them grow from teeny, tiny babies to playful rascals is just awesome!

Lakris at 3 weeks old. (Photo: Lexidh Solstad)

Rehoming Tigern

One of my cats, Tigern, needed a home of his own. I found him the perfect place: a small farm farther south in Norway. I get updates, and I know he loves having a whole farm and family to himself. I miss him, but I know he’s a lot happier now.


Thoughts and dreams

Monday morning thoughts

It’s been a tough weekend, and I’m happy to see it finished. Nothing happened, I was just exhausted and in bed most of the time. I don’t cope well with being stuck in bed, which is something I try to work on. It’s inevitable with the level of fatigue I experience, and it doesn’t help that I get upset.

Actually, it’s been a tough few weeks, and I think I’ve reached my limit. It started off with three of my fosters running away the very same day they got here. Since then, two of them have been caught, but the last one is just too clever. I feel bad that they got out of the catio, and I feel bad for the scared little guy who’s now all alone in unfamiliar environment.

Add to that, I had to go to the A & E in the middle of the night a couple of days after the runaways made their break for freedom. I still don’t know what is wrong, but my doctor has started to investigate. Something is wrong with my intestines though. I’ve got new meds that help with the nausea at least.

On top of this, I had decided to find my dog a new home. I finally realized I won’t ever be in good enough shape to give her what she needs. I put an ad online, and found her the perfect home. She moved to her new family on Thursday. Now, I’m really happy about her new home, but I’m heartbroken. For one, I love her and miss her. Also, I’ve had dogs for the past 30 years. It feels like a (another) big chunk of my identity was taken from me when I gave up Yuki.

It’s a sunny morning and I have kittens running around in the living room. My mum is doing my grocery shopping, and I can rest today, too. I hope I’ll feel well enough to sit on the veranda and catch a few rays of sun. I just want to get in touch with myself again. Find the parts of my identity that are still there.

Cats and fosters, Chronic illness

Kittens and flares

Some of you might have found the website down the past few days. That was due to an update of a plugin, and I didn’t have the spoons to fix it right away. All my spoons were caught in a flare up that started on Wednesday.

Surprise, kittens!

During Easter I got a new foster cat that moved into my room. Her name is Signe, and she is not all that used to people. So she hid a lot. I could pet her, but she wasn’t too happy about it. Anyway, Signe came from a farm were the nice farmer had fed her meatballs. Chances were that she was fat because of that. Then on Wednesday afternoon I had to lay down in bed to rest, as I usually do. Suddenly, tiny tiny sounds came out from under my bed! At first I didn’t even understand what it was. I thought maybe it was something outside, since the window was partially open. After a couple of minutes the sounds were obvious, but still tiny, cat sounds. I checked under my bed, and there was Signe with a newborn kitten!

The adrenaline surged, and boom! Headache. I had to make a cave for mama and baby in a hurry, and set up the kitten pen in the livingroom. And then it turned out Signe wasn’t interested in her baby and just left it crying on the floor. I had to hold it so it wouldn’t be too cold. Thankfully, Signe went into the cave I’d made her, and I was able to put the kitten in with her. I started to relax, and thought ‘OK, one kitten is not that bad’.

2,5 hours later she was in labour again. Two more kittens came, but this time she took care of them. I tried to give her as much privacy as possible, but eventually I had to move them all to the kitten pen. I took her kittens (she would actually let me do that) and put them in the cave/cage and Signe went in there with them. Then I could just close the door and carry them to the kitten pen. With everything set up in there I could leave them for a few hours and let mama do her job with the babies without stressing her further.

Flare up

That also meant I could relax. The headache was killing me, and my meds didn’t do anything. The adrenaline had left my body, and I was exhausted. I don’t really remember much of the rest of that day. Thursday and Friday was pain and Hell. Because of the pain I was nauseous, too. I did the few things I had to do, like check on the kittens and go to the bathroom. My assistant was here on Thursday and she helped me with other stuff that couldn’t wait. Friday I had to cancel the cleaner, because I couldn’t face any sound whatsoever, and the thought of someone talking to me and moving around in the house was too much. I still had a headache and it had also moved to the jaw. I couldn’t chew any food.

By Friday night I finally remember what usually helps me out of a bad flare up. If I double my pain meds, but take them at the usual time, it usually puts the pain back to baseline. So I did. Of course, I stayed in bed, kept the room dark and quiet. I also only ate mashed food or soups to prevent the jaw from getting worse. Saturday morning the headache was almost gone, the fibro pain was on a normal level and I was just utterly fatigued. I stayed in bed most of the day, and at night I could finally move around in my normal fashion (which is to say, not fast and not far).

Back in control

Today I feel normal (for me). There’s pain and fatigue and I’m really tired, but it’s the level I’m used to and can live with. Signe and the kittens are doing great, and she has even started to enjoy that I pet her. I hope I can get back to walking Yuki again now, and just do little things around the house. Before all this happened I was on a positive track and I’ll try to continue without further delay, but also without overdoing it. Wish me luck!

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Spending spoons

5 things that made me happy in March

Looking back through the brain fog can be a pleasure. Here’s a few things that made me happy in March!

1. Sunshine!

2. (Re-) Discovering music

I haven’t been able to listen to much music the past year because of sensory overload, but I’m better now!

3. Going back to the gym!

I had to stop going to the gym for a few months, and even though that might sound great to some, it was heartbreaking for me.

Follow the link if you’re interested in weight lifting for women and generally awesome advice from Nia Shanks. (Not an ad, just my recommendation.)

4. Getting the first foster residents at the catio!

My catio is set up for fostering cats that are used to being outside all the time. The two boys in the picture are very uncomfortable inside, and prefer staying outside together. (The guy in the back is still convinced I’m going to eat him…)

5. Spending more time with friends!

Having a fika, taking walks, and going to the spa and getting a back massage!
The picture is of my dog, Yuki, and my friends’ dog Tikaani. They’re both Alaskan husky.

My moving body

How yoga helps me shift my focus and take care of myself

Dealing with pain and fatigue is frustrating business. I’ll admit it makes me angry at my body most days, even though I try to find the neccessary self-compassion. In addition to fibromyalgia I have a history of eating disorders, and some of the thought processes still remain. I still feel like it’s me (my mind) vs my body. That’s not a sustainable or healing way of thinking, and I work on that every day. One of the most important tools I have is yoga.

Disclaimer: I’ve read a few books on yoga, attended a couple of classes, but all in all I do it my own way.

Just breathe

When I do yoga I have to shift the focus in my head. First of all, everything has to slow down. When I focus on my breathing, I have to turn inwards. I clear my mind of all other things, and just feel the breathing in my body. It’s the only time I feel like my mind and my body is one entity. When I do other exercises, like weight training, I bring this breathing with me.

The movements are slow and follow my breathing. This helps me connect with the muscles, tendons and joints I’m working on. I’ll be aware of pain and limited movement and feel compassion, I guess. It’s hard to explain. At least it makes me want to get better, not fight the body.

Healing vs competition

I’ve played sports all my life, and exercise has always been about competition. Even if I’m just competing against myself. When I do yoga, though, it’s about healing, not competing. Of course, I do want to get better at it, but that’s not the goal. The goal is to make my body feel less painful and limited. I try to bring this with me to other exercises, too. As long as I’m at a low point, as I am now, that’s pretty easy. I know I’ll start competing against myself again when (or if) I get better, though.

How I use yoga

I make sure I have a clean space in my living room for the yoga mat, and that the temperature is slightly warmer than normal. Sometimes I light scented candles. I’ve picked yoga poses specifically for the problem areas of my body. I start off by centering on my breathing, and then slowly move from body part to body part. The whole exercise takes me about 25 minutes. Sometimes I’m not able to do all of it, but then I just do what I can. When I’m done, I always feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted. Most of the time my yoga session also helps my continous anxiety, and I can breathe free for a while after I’m done. To me, yoga is a medicine that helps with pain, fatigue and anxiety. 

If you want to try out yoga you should have a look at Yoga with Adriene on Youtube.

Spending spoons

Days fly by

Wow, it’s been a month since my last blog post. It feels like no time has past. Every day is just about managing pain, fatigue and life. I have felt better the past 2 weeks, less fatigue anyway, but I’ve spent my spoons on getting things done in the house. I feel good about that. Seeing improvement in my home really helps. This is, afterall, where I spend all my time.

What have I been up to?

First of all, with a little help from other volunteers at the rescue I’ve finally finished the catio downstairs. I now have room for 4 rescue cats outside. This area is reserved for adult cats who have been outside for a long time, and who needs a stop-over until we have a suitable fosterhome ready for them.

Talking about adult cats, I have a new foster. His name is Robinson, and he’s lived under a veranda for years. He’s about 3-4 years old, and from the way he’s acting I’m sure he’s had a home early on. The plan was for him to be the first resident at the catio, but with his sweet and anxious demeanor we decided it’s better for him to stay inside with me to be tamed. He spends his days in my bed with me. He is still very anxious, but he feels safe when laying next to me. Oh, and he loves belly rubs!

I’ve also been talking to a meeting to decide if I should have someone to talk to about my mental health. Turns out that I should, which is no news to me. I had to fill out these depression and anxiety forms, which I’ve done many times before. I scored high on anxiety and moderate on depression, as I knew I would. That means I’ll have someone to talk to every other week. Not exactly therapy, but at least I’ll have to start dealing with the stuff I’ve buried under food and fat.

Other stuff I’ve done

  • Been to the movies with two of my friends (first time since 2016)
  • Bought plants (and already killed 3/4)
  • Read a lot of books
  • Spent some time in Tamriel
  • Walked the dog a couple of times

And, you know, rested.


Thoughts and dreams

You behind the illness tag

Tripping Through Treacle started this tag a few days ago, and I think it’s a great way to get to know other spoonie bloggers.

Four places I’ve lived

Oslo, Norway
Ierapetra, Crete
Vacaville, California
Moelv, Norway

Four places I’ve worked

In my grandparents’ restaurant as a waiter
In an IT company as a cafeteria manager
In a non-profit literature organization as a secretary
In a gym as a personal trainer and fitness instructor

Four favourite hobbies

Reading (mostly British crime atm)
Gaming (mostly Elder Scrolls Online atm)
Fostering homeless cats and kittens
Walking my dog

Four things I like to watch

Kittens playing!
The birds in the yard
Animal rescue shows
Pictures of nature

Four things I like to read

British crime
Fantasy/urban fantasy
Atlas Obscura
Long articles I can learn from

Four places I have been

Montreal, Quebec
Rome, Italy
San Francisco, California
Alexandria, Egypt

Four things I love to eat

All sorts of cheese
Italian food

Four favourite things to drink


Four places I want to visit

The north of Norway

Bloggers I’d like to tag:

I don’t know that many yet, and from what I gather they’re all tagged already. If you’ve read this and haven’t been tagged, consider yourself tagged now!